Slide 1 1 1 EnduroSat The first Bulgarian Radio Amateur CubeSat mission

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Satellite name: EnduroSat One
Frequency: 437 050 000 Hz
Output Power: 27dBm

EnduroSat is proud to announce the most prominent radio amateurs that have successfully received and uploaded telemetry and audio from EnduroSat One during its beacon mode operation:
1. CX8AF from Uruguay
2. JA0CAW from Japan
3. PY4ZBZ from Brazil

Thank you for supporting this mission and participating in the early operation phase when your help was most needed.

It was a great pleasure to listen to the Ode of Joy sent by EnduroSat One and uploaded first by our friend KU2Y from USA just minutes after deployment from ISS!

On behalf of Space Challenges Educational Program and the mission operations team we would like also to extend our gratitude to the Bulgarian Radio Amateur Union and SatNOGS Network for their invaluable help before and during the mission!

Satellite Mode


After performing nominally in beacon mode, the satellite has transitioned to full range test of all systems and attitude determination and control optimization.

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