Track the satellite

Satellite name: EnduroSat One
Frequency: 437 050 000 Hz
Output Power: 27dBm

Telemetry beacon transmission details:
Modulation: 2GFSK(GMSK), Frequency deviation 2400 Hz, Speed 9600 bit/sec
Preamble: 5 x 0x55, 0x55, 0x55, 0x55, 0x55
Sync word: 0x7E
Packet format: AX.25 UI-bitstuffed, NRZI-encoded, G3RUH-scrambled, CRC16-CCIT
Source call sign: LZ0AMS
Destination call sign: CQ
Payload format: YYMMDDHHMMSS ph000 th000 ps000 BV0000 BI0000 3I0000 5I0000 PO0000 UV0000 BC0000, where YYMMDDHHMMSS – real-time stamp of the telemetry data ph000 th000 ps000 – euclidean 3-angle coordinates of the satellite [deg]

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BV0000 – Battery voltage [mV]
BI0000 – Battery current consumption [mA]
3I0000 – 3V-bus current consumption [mA]
5I0000 – 5V-bus current consumption [mA]
PO0000 – Power-on events number
UV0000 – Under-voltage events number
BC0000 – Battery charge cycles number
Beacon reception validated with SDRConsoleV3 + direwolf1.4

Audio transmission details:
Call sign LZ0AMS in Morse code (tone F5 – FA 5th octave 698Hz, dot delay 60 ms)
Ode to joy in MIDI format
Audio reception validated with SDRConsoleV3 or TYT TH-UVF1 radio

We could have organized a lottery for the participants…

But we have a far better offer for you – anyone who has received information packets from the satellite is able to publish them online. We have a ranking list based on the amount of telemetry data uploaded by the most active radio amateurs.

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